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Updated: Jan 27

Communities Together is changing - and we need your support more than ever.

During the peak of the Coronavirus Pandemic we supported the needs of vulnerable people across Bellshill, Mossend and Holytown and the Thorniewood Areas of North Lanarkshire.

Hundreds of people and some animals too have benefitted from thousands of food parcels and our shopping and prescription delivery service.  Not only that, they’ve all received calls from our dedicated follow up team and many people have been supported with new job opportunities, support with their energy bills and ensuring they are getting all the support they are entitled to. But our service has to change, since March, Jordan has served as our Chair and I have been proud to serve as the Vice Chair of Communities Together. We’ve recognised that our communities need support not just during coronavirus but into the future. So we have been working with a wide range of partners to make that happen. 

Therefore, we're pleased to announce that our partners and friends at YMCA Bellshill and Mossend and Orbiston Neighbourhood Centre have agreed to take Communities Together forward into the future.  Ann-Marie Treacy, Chief Executive of the Bellshill and Mossend YMCA and Irene Gibson, Manager of the Orbiston Neighbourhood Centre will work with their teams to lead that support. COVID 19 has changed the way we all work. For the YMCA it has meant a significant new approach and I have been absolutely delighted to be the host venue for Communities Together. Working alongside Irene from ONC, we are excited about the potential we have to continue to make a real difference to local people and ensure that everyone who needs support, continues to get it. Not only that, as the Manager of Orbiston Neighbourhood Centre, I know how important local partners are to our work. And as key local partners, we will want to work with all in our community to ensure we cover the areas as much as we can and work in real partnership with those around us.

Our dedicated team of staff and volunteers will be well placed to support the community now and into the future. Communities Together has been a real success and we can’t wait for its next chapter.

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Updated: Jan 27

“I’m delighted to take up appointment as a Director of the YMCA Bellshill and Mossend.

The YMCA is an organisation which has enjoyed a rich history and presence in the local community here in Bellshill and I’m proud to be joining the governance team at a crucial time for the organisation.

Working as a Member of the Board alongside the Management Team of the YMCA - we have an opportunity to put the YM at the heart of the Bellshill Community and I look forward to the opportunities ahead.”

Born in Bellshill, Lanarkshire in 1995, Jordan is a twenty-something in Politics. 

A graduate in Community Education, Jordan has had varied experience in corporate governance and third sector including on a range of public body boards and in politics. 

Having been elected to Local Government in 2017; Jordan served as a Spokesperson for Youth, Communities and Equalities before being elected as the Assistant Chief Whip and subsequently Interim Chief Whip of the Scottish National Party Group on North Lanarkshire Council. 

Jordan is the current Depute Leader of the Scottish National Party Group in North Lanarkshire and represents Ward 15, his home town of Bellshill.

Jordan is a Member of the Integration Joint Board for Health and Social Care responsible for for planning, commissioning and overseeing the delivery of community health and social care services including Acute and Mental Health Services.

Jordan is passionate about the opportunities that policy making can have on changing and shaping peoples lives for the better.

We welcome Jordan to the Bellshill & Mossend YMCA family.

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